About Dr Ali Arjomand

Hello! Welcome to Modulla Health Nutrition Clinic. I know your health is vitally important to you. That’s why it’s so important to work with someone who earns your trust and confidence each and every day.

I am honored that you have reached out here to explore my services and understand how I work. Be sure to read about the successes of so many other patients who once struggled with their health but are now living vibrant, healthy lives. Some are even transformed, thriving in ways that they could only imagine. Perhaps you ready to be transformed too?

“I commit to providing caring, science-based nutrition consulting that delivers real and measurable improvements to your health.“

– Dr Ali Arjomand

Here’s a little bit about me…

I am trained as a PhD nutrition scientist. Nutrition is truly my one passion that keeps me curious every day, drives me to learning incessantly, and apply all those learnings to my own life and to those seeking better health and wellness. What I have discovered is nothing less than amazing. And I try and apply that to the individuals who seek me out for their own health and well-being.

That’s one of the reasons I founded Modulla Health, a modern nutrition clinic designed to help individuals move past their health condition as they strive for optimal health and a quality life. I focus on the root causes of diseases, not on band-aid solutions that offer short-term relief, or worse, solutions that harm your chances to reach true health. That means developing diet and nutrition recommendations that work with your body, support your natural abilities to heal and recover, while working to remove harmful foods, products, habits, and wasteful lab tests. That’s right. I see so many patients that come to me with results of lab tests ordered by other health practitioners. I have bad news, over 99% of these tests are meaningless. Let’s not go there, save your money. Let’s work together on solutions, not digging up problems that don’t exist. I commit that to you as I work to establish and earn your trust.
My science-based nutritional interventions have transformed the disease course of my clients, as they did to my own severe disease.

As a Crohn’s disease patient for 20 years, I received the best-in-class medical care, including steroids, biologic therapy and two GI surgeries. None of this achieved sustained results, and after even more medications failed to work in 2016, I decided to take complete ownership of my disease. I had no other choice. I applied my science training in nutrition to remarkably achieve medication-free, long-lasting success. I have published those findings in peer-reviewed clinical journals.

Before these personal health transformations, my career path included scientific, strategic, and executive leadership roles at innovative, vision-driven organizations, including working directly with Bill Gates on global health, nutrition, agriculture, and infectious disease challenges.

Prior to that, I founded Accium BioSciences, a first-of-a-kind research laboratory that commercialized innovations I developed in graduate school. I designed and conducted over 50 Phase 1 clinical studies for FDA review in partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and was co-Principal Investigator on an NIH-funded clinical study in brain cancer patients.

I received my PhD degree in Nutrition and my BS degree in Genetics, both from the University of California, Davis. I now live just outside Seattle, Washington with my wife and twin daughters. We enjoy the beautiful Pacific Northwest where we enjoy skiing in the winters and hiking and biking in the summers. I started a vegetable garden a few years ago, and this year, we started producing some honey in our back yard with the help of a friend. I look forward to getting to know you and sharing everything I can to help you reach your personal health and wellness goals.



Ph.D. in Nutrition, University of California, Davis

B.S. in Genetics, University of California, Davis

Professional Credentials and Memberships

Certified Nutritionist – Department of Health, Washington State

American Gastrointestinal Association – Scientist Member

American Society of Nutrition

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (note: I terminated my membership in 2021 due to the organization’s close association with the processed food industry and the conflict that poses to providing accurate information in support of patient health).

Non-Profit Organizations (current and past)

Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation – Professional Member

The Specific Carbohydrate Diet Association – Board Member

Nutritional Therapy for IBD – Founding Board Member


“The Interplay Between IBD, the Gut Microbiome and SCD”

Watch Dr. Ali Arjomand present at the SCDROCKS Conference hosted by the Specific Carbohydrate Diet Association