12 Month Gut Health Maintenance Program™

The 12 Month Gut Health Maintenance Program™ is an all-inclusive package designed to help solidify your good health status, build resilience against future down-turns and widen your range of dietary options. The program is ideal for clients have already completed the 6 Month Gut Health Recovery Program™ and want to take on bigger dietary and lifestyle challenges. It is also suitable for clients who are already in a stable healthy state and want to have direct access to me in case health issues arise during the program period.

This 12 month all-inclusive program is designed around a 30 Minute Case Review to assess your case history, define your goals and align my thinking to serve your needs. We will then schedule a 60 minute Kick-off Session to launch your program and initiate a set of specific changes. We will hold hourly consulting sessions every other month to track your progress, make adjustments and introduce new activities. I am available throughout the 12 month program by e-mail and secure messaging to answer your questions and support you every step of the way.