6 Month Gut Health Recovery Program™

The 6 Month Gut Health Recovery Program™ serves clients who want to address their health concerns by taking comprehensive action covering many facets of their diet and lifestyle. After reviewing your case, current condition and recent history, we will establish tangible and measurable goals that fit your needs and health objectives. We will work closely on a range of interventions and modifications to your daily routine. As you make progress, we will make adjustments to widen your range of options, expand your food and lifestyle choices and align your progress with your program goals. The final phase is to leave you with the right mindset, understanding and tools to lock-in your gains and take these interventions forward on your own.

This six month all-inclusive program is designed around a 30 Minute Case Review to assess your case history, define your goals and align my thinking to serve your needs. We will then schedule a 90 minute Kick-off Session to launch your program and initiate a set of specific changes. We will hold an hourly consulting sessions each month to track your progress, make adjustments and introduce new activities. I am available throughout the 6 month program by e-mail and secure messaging to answer your questions and support you every step of the way.

Once you complete the program, you can take your success forward on your own, schedule stand-alone hourly consults as needed, or sign up for the 12 Month Gut Health Maintenance Program™.