Nutrition Consulting Services

A better way to better GI health

I commit to providing caring, science-based nutrition consulting that delivers real and measurable improvements to your health.
– Dr Ali Arjomand

Intake Session

New clients start here. Kick-start your journey to better health with this comprehensive one hour telehealth intake sessions. 

Review your case history with Dr Ali Arjomand, share your current symptoms, food pattern and any changes you have made to your diet and lifestyle. You will be presented with an action-based plan designed to meet your specific health goals, expectations, priorities and timelines. End your session by asking any questions you may have.


Personalized consulting that serves your specific goals

Science-based advice you can trust

Practical and actionable steps you can make right away

Build confidence to properly implement your recommendations

A sense of hope that you have finally found solutions that work for you


Nutrition Plan – a customized plan detailing changes you can implement over a three to four week span. 

Nutrition Portal and Mobile App – review your plan and action items, track your nutrients, log your symptoms, complete forms and worksheets action items and receive support between sessions.

Recipe sets and meal suggestions


You will not be asked to purchase lab tests or supplements. That’s not how we work here at Modulla Health.


Rest assured, you will not be alone as you begin to adopt healthy nutrition changes to your life. Dr. Ali Arjomand will support your needs, make adjustments and monitor your progress every step of the way. 

In three to four weeks, you will schedule your Follow Up Session, a 30 minute appointment to review your progress and receive further recommendations to guide you along your journey to better health. 

Follow Up Sessions

Schedule these 30 minute follow up sessions to review the progress you are making, modify your actions to meet your specific requirements, ask questions and receive your next series of recommendations. I am available between sessions on your client portal to support you as you implement your plan. This includes remote monitoring your journal entries, food logs and answering your plan questions.

Start with a series of follow up sessions to achieve good traction and noticeable progress. You can then move to sessions as needed or to tackle a whole new health goal.

I don’t know exactly how long this process might take. This depends on the state of your condition and the exact formula that works for you. There is, however, a limited number of known adjustments to make, so this will be a defined and targeted approach. I will work with you to methodically identify the ones that work just right for you.

Consulting usually ends with goal-attainment, health success and personal empowerment.

Insurance Coverage

Modulla Health is an in-network provider and participates in the following insurance plans. Otherwise, payment is your responsibility and due after each session. You can submit your Modulla Health statements to your insurance provider for full or partial reimbursement back to you according to your benefits plan for out-of-network providers.

Premera Blue Cross

Regence Blue Shield of Washington

Regence Blue Shield of Idaho

Regence Blue Shield of Oregon

Regence Blue Shield of Utah

Asurus Northwest Health


LifeWise Health Plan of Washington