Looking to get the most out of SCD®?

Hi. I’m Dr. Ali Arjomand

I used the Specific Carbohydrate Diet® (SCD) to successfully reach sustained remission from my long-lasting Crohn’s disease.

As a PhD nutritionist, I help patients identify and implement the best diet routine that meets their individual health and lifestyle goals.

Many of my patients want to know what I did exactly to achieve success. I tell them what worked for me may not work for them.

That’s why we schedule 1-on-1 private sessions to explore and develop a customized routine that meet their needs.

But that holds me back from working with more patients. Many patients don’t have resources to work with me in private sessions.

So what am I doing about it?

  Great news!  


I packed all the SCD content, methods and assessment tools I use with my patients into a




digital protocol to


 start, track, customize and succeed with SCD



optional group support if you need it



  Follow the same protocol I use in my 1-on-1 consulting sessions   

on your own time

at your own pace

without private session consulting fees




start | monitor | customize | succeed


Build your own protocol

One that works for you and your body

  Rolling out Fall 2020  

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Here’s a sneak peak…

300+ SCD Ingredients

Stage Based Progress

Stage Specific Ingredients

Stage Specific Recipe Sets

Self-Paced Progression

Powerful App & Web Tools

Ingredient Loggers

Symptom Trackers

Nutrient Intake Reports

Instructional Videos

… Plus optional group support with the

SCD® Inner Circle

If you’ve ever said…


I’m not sure if SCD is right for me


I am not confident how to properly start SCD


I am not sure how to move forward with SCD in a way that works with my body


I want more variety and options to fit my lifestyle


I need help sticking with SCD until it works


I’m worried about getting all the nutrients  my child needs with SCD


How can I maximize time, effort and money I’m spending to implement SCD


Then this protocol is for you!


  Rolling out Fall 2020  

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What is SCD?


The Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) is the most widely studied whole food intervention in Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, two common forms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

SCD was initially created in 1924 to treat celiac disease. It was later used for the treatment of IBD.

SCD eliminates all grains, most starches, sugar (except honey), dairy products (except butter, 24-hour fermented yogurt and hard cheeses which are essentially lactose free), and most store-bought, processed or prepackaged foods.

So what’s left? Really?

Well, a whole lot of healthy, delicious breakfast items, snacks, baked goods, soups, salads, and a wide variety of lunches and dinners.

You will be surprised at what you’ve been missing. Colors. Taste. Aroma.

Joy comes back. Food becomes a friend and a healer.

The real reward. Relief. Remission. Possibly reversal. A quality life.

Preliminary studies of SCD intervention in pediatric and adult IBD patients have demonstrated promising results, including achieving clinical and mucosal remission and normalization of blood and stool laboratory markers.*

My SCD Protocol is designed to help you succeed on SCD. You don’t have to do this on your own. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel all over again. You don’t have to make mistakes others have already learned from. You can get expert support. You can put your fears to rest knowing you are focusing on the right things. You can track your progress. You can be held accountable.

You can be successful. Faster. More reliably. More confidently. So you can back to enjoying life again.

*Published studies

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