I came to Ali Arjomand as a very frail, 73 pound woman in her late 30’s. I have endured and suffered from Crohn’s disease for the past 20 years, and since, not one gastroenterologist, nutritionist, dietician or other physician has helped me as much as Ali has. My Inflammatory Bowel Disease had overtaken my life, I could not eat, drink, walk, let alone live a semblance of a “normal” life. I stopped working six years prior and have spent countless days in doctor’s offices and hospital beds. I have had too many surgeries and I have given too much blood. I wasn’t living the life I wanted for myself by any stretch of the imagination.

In a matter of three months, Ali has completely changed my life and the trajectory of my Crohn’s disease. His incredibly well thought-out, scientific and methodical approach to treating my Crohn’s has saved my life. From our first conversation, Ali immediately understood my chief concerns and complaints regarding the lack of management of my Crohn’s disease. During my initial consultation with Ali, he had already identified the source of my difficulty in healing. Through his intelligent, kind, thoughtful, supportive approach and treatment plan, Ali has walked me through every single detail along every step throughout the process of healing my gut. He provides me with delicious recipes, exercises and countless pieces of valuable information. He is very warm and makes you feel free to ask questions at any time. Ali always answers them with concern and with a very knowledgeable approach. Ali’s nutritional support has led me to regain my energy, strength, vitality and my health within three months. He is truly helping me restore my gut microbiome and his is the one treatment that has worked and with incredibly beneficial effects. My inflammatory markers are down, I’m eating (and making) my own probiotics, and I have gained 28 pounds! Prior to seeing Ali, I could not walk, I was so malnourished from years of improperly treated Crohn’s disease. Today, I can walk over an hour an a half, walk up stairs and eat six to eight small meals per day. I am finally living in good health, and I feel incredible! I owe every part of my healing to Ali and his amazing treatment. I am forever grateful for him and his help.

I very highly recommend Ali Arjomand to anyone who is seeking nutritional support for improved gut health and function.