It’s been an honor and inspiration to meet each of these patients and to support their journey to better health. Their feedback and positive testimonials drives me to work harder, offer more, track their progress, and share in their success.

Below are actual, real-world testimonials and feedback patients struggling with IBD, IBS, and celiac disease have shared with me after introducing the dietary interventions I provided for them. All personally identifiable information has been removed to protect the privacy of these patients.

I honestly feel you are the only person who can help the best with the issues.
– S.A. (Crohn’s disease)
[My husband] is feeling well. He’s outside playing catch with the boys now and it does my heart good to see it!
– G.L. (Crohn’s disease)
After one week, as you predicted, I feel much more nourished and energetic. Stool is less watery and less frequent.
– P.C. (Crohn’s disease)

Thank you Dr Ali. It was great session today with a lot of good information on different options.
– B.J. (Ulcerative colitis, celiac disease)

Diet adventures – some days fine, some days everything comes out. People at the hospital clinic do not go through this level of nutrition support.
– E.K. (Stomach cancer)

Guess what—solid poop this morning. Miraculous. I’m going to try egg whites today and zucchini. Delicata and butternut squash have been no problem at all. I am so happy.
– P.C. (Crohn’s disease)

Hi, thank you so much for creating a program that will help people to follow the SCD diet. Is there any way to purchase this program sooner? My symptoms are getting worse and I’ve been doing this diet since diagnosed with Crohn’s in 2018.
– C.A. (Crohn’s disease, previously self-started SCD)

I am about 6 days in and I have lost the bloating or cramping!
– G.C. (Crohn’s disease)

I believe your program has included many important aspects of effective and nutritive recipes. Your program gives me a new goal and I am very optimistic about it.
– L.P. (Crohn’s disease)

I could talk to you forever about this stuff, this is so cool.
– M.K. (Ulcerative colitis, IBS)

I feel so empowered!
– A.L. (Ulcerative colitis, eosinophilic esophagitis)

I had my check up with my gastro Dr. and my labs were all normal so I was very pleased.
– R.R. (Crohn’s disease, GERD)

I have been able to keep up with my new diet. Changed my carbs and cut out sugar and to my surprise I am enjoying it!
– S.A. (Crohn’s disease)

I have been feeling very energetic! I’m having 2-3 BM’s per day.  I’ve had much less urgency overall.
– M.A. (Ulcerative colitis)

I have had Crohn’s disease since 2003. I have been lucky so far and mostly in remission, but I’m finally ready to take nutritional steps needed to get healthy and really address some lingering symptoms I’ve been willing to put up with to this point. I have been told I likely also have some IBS symptoms as well. I have heard and feel encouraged from your journey you actually know specifically what can help IBD patients — I’ve been to many nutritionists with little success in relieving symptoms following traditional nutritional guidance. As I’m sure you know recommends like “eat more vegetables” are not easy on my digestive system.
– N.K. (Crohn’s disease)

I have just started My SCD Protocol!! It looks great! I’m looking forward to learning more from it!
– J.R. (Ulcerative colitis, recent diagnosis)

I have stayed committed to the diet and found your recipes very helpful, referring to them daily. Nut flours and butters in moderation seem tolerable. The vanilla ice cream, while takes a little effort, is nothing short of spectacular :).  All is going well with a few minor ‘tummy aches’ from time to time. Overall feeling good about the process.
– K.F. (Crohn’s disease)

I know for sure that I can’t go back to my old diet. So I still have to find a way to make this my own or at least start enjoying food without grains, rice etc. and getting all the nutrients.  My impression of your program is that it looks really organized with clear guidelines and tools.
– K.S. (Ulcerative colitis, previously self-started SCD)

I never know what to eat. I decide on the fly. I now have a roadmap and can plan ahead.
– A.G. (Crohn’s disease)

I really need the SCD Protocol! So excited to restart this effort with expert help. P.S. My ultimate goal, control Crohn’s, IBS and diverticulitis with SCD and get off Entyvio…now infused every six weeks.
– J.E. (Crohn’s disease, IBS, diverticulitis, previously self-started SCD)

I saw the video on Facebook with all the information regarding the program. It sounds amazing and I’m really looking forward to starting with the program! We don’t have this in the Netherlands so I’m grateful for joining and learning about improving my health.
– L.S. (Crohn’s disease, previously self-started SCD)

I seem to be improving day by day. My weight is down a total of 16 lbs, which is a good thing. I have more energy and am needing less sleep. After 8 solid hours I feel more rested than previously when I could sleep 12-14 hrs a day and still feel tired.
– G.L. (Crohn’s disease)

I told my doctor how helpful you have been and that I highly recommend you for other patients of his practice looking for a nutritionist.
– V.B. (Ulcerative colitis, j-pouch)

I’ve been working through your protocols and already feeling better.  Last night was the first night in a long time that I got two complete REM cycles, making an incredible difference in the way I feel this morning. Increasingly, at night, I have more fuel in my tank. I’m not thinking about going to bed at 7pm. Stool count is down. Blood is down. Gas is down.
– J.P. (Ulcerative colitis)

I’m 75. I’ve had Crohn’s for 55 years. This is the first time anyone has called me to talk about nutrition. I am so glad to be talking with you today.
– J.K. (Crohn’s disease)

I’m feeling good and have lots of energy. I haven’t had time to add as many foods as I’d like. But have had a couple small salads with no reaction.
– J.K. (Ulcerative colitis)

In the past week or so there were two days in which I only had 1 bowel movement.  This is the first time since before my surgery last year.
– P.G. (Ulcerative colitis)

Incorporating more protein in my breakfast/morning snack has really improved my energy level and kept me from unnecessary snacking on the wrong foods between meals. Such a small change to make with great benefits.
– M.A. (Ulcerative colitis)

It has been such a pleasure to get to know you and I have learned so much from you.
– K.D. (Crohn’s disease, c diff, SIBO)

It has been such a pleasure to get to know you and I have learned so much from you. I think listening to someone who really understands what another person with UC or Crohn’s deals with on a daily basis mentally and physically, was comforting to me. Although my close friends and family know that I have issues with my colon, they really don’t understand everything it involves.
– S.M. (Crohn’s disease)

Might be TMI, but my last couple of bowel movements have been completely clean. That hasn’t happened in years!
– T.H. (Ulcerative colitis)

My husband followed up with you, he has Crohn’s, eats your yogurt among other things, and is off all medications now.
– G.K. (Ulcerative colitis)

So I’ve continued to eat my healthy diet, get enough sleep, exercise, practice deep breathing, stay positive – and I am feeling good.
– M.K. (Ulcerative colitis, gall bladder surgery, c diff)

So much of what sets off the burning is hit-or-miss. One day I can drink coffee with no issue, the next, the burning starts. It’s like that with nearly everything. When it’s at its worst, water will set it off.
– A.L. (Ulcerative colitis, gall bladder surgery, c diff)

Symptoms have been great! My most recent labs improved really well. (I’ll have to remember to send them over). My CRP marker is the lowest it’s been ever! I was one point shy of being within the range! I’m eager to see what the results from my upcoming colonoscopy will show next month.
– J.C. (Crohn’s disease, faced surgery prior year)

Thank you Dr Ali. It was great session today with a lot of good information on different options
– J.T. (Ulcerative colitis)

Thank you very much for your quick reply. I am very interested in further details regarding your program as I may see it as my last resort when it comes to continuing SCD.
– R.S. (Crohn’s disease, previously self-started SCD)

Thank you!! Feeling more hopeful than I have in a long time!
– A.L. (Ulcerative colitis, eosinophilic esophagitis)

Thanks Dr Ali, by far the best, straight forward and comprehensive advice I had in the last 5 years!
– M.K. (Ulcerative colitis)

Thanks for the worksheet. I’m adding foods and having no trouble with them.
– A.B. (Crohn’s disease, gallbladder surgery)

The last 3 days I have had completely normal bowel movements.  I haven’t experienced this since before I was diagnosed 13 years ago.  I am so happy with my progress so far.
– J.L. (Ulcerative colitis, SIBO, c diff)

The Specific Carbohydrate diet is one of the biggest undertakings I’ve started, but also one of the most important for my health. After many attempts, failures, and restarts, I found the IBD Navigator program which is a step-by-step process that ensures success with the diet. You start off simply, then move forward with more advanced foods and corresponding recipes, all at your own pace. This is the follow up to Elaine Gottschall’s book, Breaking the Vicious Cycle, that has been desperately needed for the SCD community.
– P.C. (Crohn’s disease)

There is a lot going on, but I feel the best I’ve felt in a long time and feel like I’m moving in the right direction with food, supplements, and treatment. I will keep you updated!
– E.D. (Crohn’s disease, IBS, pending surgery)

Things are going well with me as my flare has been in remission and I’m feeling much better now. I am still very careful with my diet though but have added some things gradually.
– B.R. (Crohn’s disease, SIBO)

Update from last few days: added watermelon, mushroom, bell pepper.  I also had lettuce in a salad 2 nights ago and again last night. I’m fine w/ that in terms of my BM.
– S.R. (Ulcerative colitis)

Well, today was a red letter day. I had my first fairly regular bowel movement. No blood and more solid than any have been in a long time. I wanted to jump for joy and tell everyone – but then I was at work!
– K.D. (Ulcerative colitis)

Would you believe from the small changes to breakfast, I have noticed some improvement with symptoms, I wasn’t expecting that at all. I’m looking forward to more increased energy and I know that will come in time. Thank you so much, this is helping me a lot.
– K.P. (Crohn’s disease)

Wow, what a difference a week makes. I am so pleased with how the last 3 days have been going. Even though off/on prednisone since August, I was still having urgency regularly the last 10 months. This weekend, I went under 5 x each day and feel like my foods are actually getting a chance to absorb. Since we talked last, my insurance approved Stelara and are wanting to make full med change. I see the rheumatologist tomorrow so I’ll keep you posted. Thank you so much for all your help, support and guidance!!
– G.C. (Crohn’s disease)

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