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Crohn's Disease

Ulcerative Colitis

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Celiac Disease

You're in the right place if...

You’re looking for a comprehensive approach to reverse your IBD, IBS, SIBO or celiac disease

You appreciate clinical support from an expert who personally understands these conditions as a patient himself

Your GI clinic can’t support your dietary and nutrition needs in meaningful ways

You are motivated to avoid meds, or eventually stop them altogether

Success to you means health transformation, not just short-term results

You’ve dabbled with diet modification with limited success

You’re looking for science-based recommendations backed by real-world results

You’re nutritionally deficient and are struggling with basic requirements

You’re an adult patient or here as the parent of a pediatric patient

Are you managing your colitis, Crohn’s, IBS, or SIBO with meds alone?

Or do you want to move past it with an integrative approach?

What you can expect here...

Relief from your GI symptoms

Expanded range and variety of foods

Address nutritional deficiencies

Improved microbial gut ecology

Achieve and maintain remission

Option to taper or stop medications

Hi. I'm Dr Ali Arjomand

Founder & Clinic Director here at Modulla Health, a health and wellness center focused entirely on holistic, science-based approaches that help you to reach your best gut health and well-being.  

People just like you have implemented my customized nutrition and diet plans, and counted on my ongoing support and supervision, to move past their gut issues and transform their quality of life.

For clients looking to make lasting decisions about their health and nutrition, having access to reliable information is essential. At Modulla Health, we offer integrative health and wellness nutrition services that provide personalized care for each client based on their individual needs.

What others are saying...

I've been to many nutritionists and dietitians with little success improving my health. You are the first person that has put me on the right track. I never want to go back to feeling unhealthy.
N.K. (Washington)
I told my doctor how helpful you have been and that I highly recommend you for other patients of his practice looking for a nutritionist.
V.B. (Washington)
Ulcerative colitis
I never know what to eat. I decide on the fly. I now have a roadmap and can plan ahead.
A.G. (California)
Irritable bowel syndrome + C diff
My mom can't stop talking about what an inspiration you are! She has gained so much strength and vitality. Thank you so much for your help and support!
A.C. (Washington)
Crohn's disease + SIBO
I have stayed committed to the diet and found your recipes very helpful, referring to them daily. Thank you for making this plan fit my needs and my habits. I am so glad I reached out to you for support.
K.F. (Florida)
Celiac disease
I worked with dietitians recommended by primary doctor. I only got the standard "eat a wholesome diet' recommendation and a flyer. Dr Ali actually spends time to listen and understand my needs. I recommend him to anyone confused and frustrated with diet and IBD.
A.C. (Washington)
Crohn's disease
I know that if Dr Betty is recommending you, you are amazing and are really focused on patients - she does not give her stamp of approval easily! She wants her patients to live their best lives. Grateful for your support and feel like this may finally be the thing I can use to be healthy over all!
T.A.. (Washington)
Ulcerative colitis + C Diff + IBS

Reach true gut health and wellness!

Start with your personalized 'Action Plan'

Change what you eat and how you eat

Decide how far you go and how fast

Implement lasting change

I combined all the lessons I learned from my personal journey with Crohn’s disease, with my expertise in nutritional science, plus 20 years of clinical research, to develop or fine-tune a spectrum of impactful interventions. These range from simple recommendations you can implement today to potent modifications that require planning and commitment.

I’ve assembled all these inside Modulla Health, an integrative gut health nutrition clinic. And I want you to benefit from these solutions. Just like I did. As have hundreds of other clients like you.

Some of the recommendations you will find here are small and incremental, yet produce noticeable improvements to your quality of life.

Some of the changes are significant and transformative. 

I will help you to select the changes that are right for your body and right where you find yourself today. I will then help you successfully implement and expand them over time until you reach your personal health goals. Big or small.

I’ve seen hundreds of other clients struggle with their colitis, Crohn’s, IBS and celiac disease care. They were jumping from one procedure to another, one medication to another, hoping for some relief. They cycled in and out of remission or ill-health. They dealt with symptoms that appeared randomly. They dealt with uncertainty, unable to confidently make plans. Their uncontrolled disease interfered with their daily life routine, simple pleasures, and quality of life.

I’m guessing you already know that true relief and lasting health comes after making smart changes to your personal routine. Diet is a big one. So is lifestyle. Let’s get started now!

Start your diet & nutrition program now!




The 360 Concierge Care Program

Concierge care programs are unlimited-access programs to help you achieve lasting health. They are offered in 1 month, 3 month, and 6 month packages to fit your specific challenges and health goals. You will have continuous and unlimited access to me using remote telehealth and private chat line for continuous support and instructions. Clients who sign up for these programs achieve more steady progress, feel more accountable and supported along their journey, and reach deeper and more comprehensive health outcomes. There are other benefits that we can explore during a strategy call we can hold to answer your questions and find the right package that fits your need.

Single Session Programs

Schedule one-on-one telehealth sessions with me, Dr Ali, to start your journey to better health.  Book follow-up sessions to review your progress, address your challenges, and expand your plan with new goals. All sessions are held via telehealth and include a private clinical dashboard and free companion app. 

The SCD Program

Access my library of comprehensive online protocols. Each protocol tackles a different problem and helps you to reach a specific set of goals. Combine protocols to meet your particular needs and readiness to introduce change.

Protocols are self-guided and self-implemented. They include step-by-step instructions and tools to support your success.

My most popular protocol is the My SCD® Protocol, a comprehensive dietary protocol based around the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. It is designed for IBD patients but has also benefits those struggling with IBS, Celiac disease, and SIBO.

Start with a free strategy consult...
Let's discuss your high-level health goals
Share your current challenges
Explore my approach, fees, and enrollment options
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More about me

PhD Nutrition Consultant, Clinical Researcher, and Crohn’s disease patient

Creator of Personalized Diet and Nutrition Playbooks for IBD, IBS and Celiac disease 

Founder of Modulla Health Integrative Gut Health and Wellness

Welcome! I am glad you are here. If you don’t know me, I am a PhD Nutrition Scientist, clinical nutrition provider, and Crohn’s disease patient.

I am also living proof that IBD can be reversed. I did it with dietary changes, even after all my medications and two surgeries failed to control my disease.

I’ve been living a healthy and full life, without medications, for the past 5 years. I’ve learned a lot during this period including the underlying science, the nutrition, and the personal commitment and support needed to be successful. I have experienced first-hand what it’s like to be a patient while implementing these changes. What are the challenges. And what are effective solutions.

Like you, I had no access to helpful resources, tools, or support systems to implement these changes. I didn’t even know what options were available.

Like you, I was blindsided to what was possible and how to get there. My only option was to figure it out myself. A trial-and-error approach coupled with lots of research, reading, experimenting, and note taking.

What I learned was amazing. I compiled everything I learned into binders of documents and a hard drive full of material. I asked myself why wasn’t this information available to all IBD patients?

So I did something about it. I founded an IBD nutrition clinic in 2017 to help other patients access the kind of impactful care that was missing in their disease management toolbox.

Modulla Health is an integrative gut health and wellness center. It holds all my accumulated knowledge, clinical experience, personal journey, and science research conducted over decades. Explore the solutions, packages and protocols and then start your journey from the comfort of your own home.

Does this resonate with you? 

Are you ready to explore the full range of options available to you? 

Or maybe you just don’t know where to start? Or who to trust?

You can feel good. You can feel strong. You can alleviate symptoms. You can get to remission, symptom-free living, and freedom from ineffective medications. We will show objective measures of success with trackers, lab profiles, and fecal calprotectin tests if appropriate. 
How far you can go, and how fast you get there, is driven by your level of commitment. How committed are you to your recommended interventions?  How well do you adhere to your personalized playbook? I will help you understand why you do what you do. You can then implement everything with intention and purpose and support from me.
I created this center for you, the suffering patient who is ready to move past their gut health challenges. You can get back to enjoying life again. Just like I did. I’ve been through these steps myself. And I came out the other side, transformed. 
I’m happy to share my peer-reviewed publication that captures the specific details of my case history and the laboratory, pathology, and radiology measurements that showed the true effect of dietary interventions. 

My mission is to help create the healthiest group of patients using no-nonsense interventions and authentic support!

Peer-reviewed publications by Dr Ali Arjomand

Clinical and Histologic Remission in an Adult Crohn’s Disease Patient and Its Impact on Healthcare Costs

"We present the case report of an adult patient with intractable Crohn’s disease non-responsive to medical management who demonstrated endoscopic, radiologic, histologic, and biochemical response to the SCD intervention. We furthermore report the healthcare cost savings over a 42-month SCD intervention period."

Ali Arjomand, PhD, David Suskind, MD

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