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Crohn's Disease
Ulcerative Colitis
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Bacterial Overgrowth
Celiac Disease
GI Dysfunction


Lipid Panel
Cardiovascular Risk

Are you...

Relying on drugs to treat your lifestyle condition, primarily a poor diet?

Getting push-back on diet strategies from your medical team

Trying to follow a diet plan or self-help book on your own? 

Relying on self-motivation & willpower to break through barriers?

Trusting social media celebrities or influencers for your health?

Try a better approach...

Receive unlimited continuous support from an expert (personal concierge health) 

Implement diet & lifestyle interventions that match your needs (many ways to succeed)

1-on-1 time to explore and support your interventions (get the attention you deserve)

Count on my motivation & encouragement to keep you on track (I’ll be by your side every step) 

Implement modern, science-backed interventions (we’ve learned a lot in the last couple of decades!)

Implement smart changes
to your diet & lifestyle
Health Challenges | Goals | Lifestyle | Commitment
Shop with confidence &
eat for better health
Tailored grocery lists | Restaurant meals | Easy recipes
Adopt healthy patterns to
your food and nutrition
Carbs | Protein | Fat | Fiber | Nutrients
Reduce gut symptoms
impacting your life
Gas | Bloating | Diarrhea | Urgency | Constipation
Use diet to reverse your
inflammatory bowel disease
Lasting Remission | Medication Reduction | Avoid Surgery
Tackle your diabetes risk with diet
Fasting Glucose | HgA1C | Insulin
Boost your cardiovascular
health with a better diet
Blood Pressure | Body Weight | Lipid Profile | Inflammation
Receive my expert support &
continuous supervision
Virtual Concierge Care
with Dr Ali Arjomand
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Explore limitless

Concierge Health

Tailored Solutions

Tailored nutrition, diet, and lifestyle remedies designed just for you​. I will continually update and revise your plan in real time so you can reach your best health! 

Limitless Support

Unlimited number of 1-on-1 virtual support sessions with me, Dr Ali Arjomand, follow-up appointments, chat communication, and phone check-ins.

Monthly Packages

Select from my 3, 6 or 12 month programs to transform your health and wellbeing. I'll be with you every step of this journey to ensure your success!

Concierge Care is for people seeking to make informed, effective, and practical changes to their entire health and lifestyle routine. My Concierge Care packages offer an integrated set of health and wellness routines targeted to help you reach your best health and wellness. 

I will design and help you to implement the right dietary, nutritional, and lifestyle modifications that are right for you. I will then support you every step of the way as you implement these impactful modifications.

Success is achieved with my continuous support, supervision, and interactions. We will use a powerful online platform that includes live 1-on-1 telehealth sessions. Choose from a 3-, 6-, or 12-month concierge package depending on your health goals and severity of your condition.

We will meet often, in a limitless capacity, to discuss every aspect of your health, your daily routine, your challenges, where you shop, eat, or how you prepare foods. I will answer your questions and concerns using a live chat channel. You focus on making the right changes while I watch over your progress. 

Keep in mind, concierge care members don’t pay for each session, or each appointment, or for my attention or supervision. I will meet with you as often as you need to help you reach your health goals.

My comprehensive nutrition, diet and lifestyle services have helped hundreds of others transform their lives through education, effective remedies, and unwavering support. My clients leave my concierge programs equipped with the necessary tools and resources to build on their progress and thrive as they go forward.

Unlike many other health practitioners you may have encountered, I will not ask you to purchase diagnostic tests or specialty supplements. These products and services are invalid, misleading, and serve the needs of everyone but you. That’s not how I work. My interests are completely aligned with your health and wellbeing. Once enrolled, you will not be surprised with additional costs, unnecessary charges, invalid lab test, or expensive supplements.

Get started now with Concierge Personal Care. I will guide you as you take charge of your health and uncover the most effective approaches for your health and overall well-being. 

Go as far as you want with
3, 6, or 12 month packages​

Schedule a complimentary online consult with Dr Ali Arjomand to learn more

Concierge care is…

Fully Virtual High-Touch Telehealth Care

Personalized Action Plan & Continuous Updates

In-depth Kickoff Session
& Goal Setting

Unlimited Progress Review Sessions

Unlimited Phone Check-ins & Q&A Support

Ongoing Private Chat Support

Tailored Recipes
& Meal Plans
& Nutrient Analysis

Clinical App
& Client Portal
& Food/Symptom Logger

Same-day Bookings and Priority Access to Dr Ali Arjomand

No crazy supplement protocols

No expensive & invalid lab tests

Proven success from hundreds of other patients

Learn More...

What is Concierge Care?

Modulla Health offers a unique, all-virtual, concierge model of services. Concierge care is new. It is not a fee-for-service model of care you already have. It is not a pre-paid bundle of services packaged for you to track and use carefully.

Concierge care is a value-based model of care. That means support and services are not billed each time you use them. As a concierge care member, you benefit from extremely high level of support and high-touch support. It is ideal for people who need to overcome an intractable health condition that is hard to address through standard medical care.

Your current healthcare on offers a fee-for-service, 15-mintue appointment model of care. It is not really designed to help with the kinds of health conditions you are living with. Not with any level of medical success or patient satisfaction.

The concierge members who have gone through my programs achieve more steady progress, feel more accountable for their actions, and benefit from unlimited support and guidance throughout the health journey.

How does Concierge Care work?

Anyone interested in enrollment into my concierge programs first holds a complementary strategy consult with me, Dr Ali Arjomand. We will discuss your health status, your health goals, commitment to make change, and more… all aimed at ensuring concierge membership is the right option for you. This complimentary consulting session is a required part of my screening and enrollment step.

Limitless Support
Once enrolled, you receive an unlimited number of 1-on-1 sessions with me along with other benefits to help you reach your health goals. Enrollment also means no long waiting time. Appointments are typically available within a day or two.

Action Plan
During the onboarding month, I will personally work with you to perform a deep exploration of your condition, your habits, your foods and eating pattern, lifestyle, supplements, etc. I will then develop a personalized Action Plan to guide you on your healing journey. Your Action Plan is revised and updated in real time each time we meet. That way, it captures accurate and timely information and serves as your body’s ‘owner’s manual’.

Each time we meet, I will present you with three or four specific microtasks to implement. A microtask may be the removal of specific foods or ingredients for a short period of time. It may be the introduction of new supplement to support a specific goal. It may be a lifestyle modification such as improved sleep, a tool to better manage stress, or a new form of physical activity that works for you.

All our sessions are held using a simple but powerful HIPAA-compliant telehealth portal and mobile app. Your care platform also allows you to log your symptoms, report food intake pattens, complete assigned tasks, and stay connected between sessions. You can also use a private chat line to reach me directly. I will ask you to share your progress, send me your questions, or seek immediate help if you are in a downward spiral.

During the following weeks and months, I will provide you with a limitless level of support, guidance, supervision, encouragement, motivation, troubleshooting, tips, tricks, or any other remedy that helps to move you forward with your plan. Again, there are no time limits or scheduling rules.

Concierge services are completely customizable. I will tailor your plan around your preferences, lifestyle, habits, and any constraints. You can choose to go fast or slow. You can ask for a strict level of coaching and be held accountable for your actions. Or you can ask for a firm but friendly approach if that is more suited to your needs. I will ensure you are making progress with your microtasks and overall plan.

Near the end of your enrollment period, I will plan your offboarding steps, including creating a summary of your interventions, foods, supplements, and future actions you can implement when you reach that point.

Next Steps
Enrollment doesn’t end at the end of the program cycle. I will invite you to join my invite-only community support program. You can remain in touch and continue to receive education, resources, group support, and access to me if needed,

Program Lengths

You can decide to enroll in either the 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month program based on the severity of your condition and your individual health goals.

If you encounter an emergency, please request a hold on your membership until you are ready to jump back in.

Capped Enrollment
To ensure current concierge members receive my time and full attention, I cap the number of new members who can enroll into my concierge program each month. This allows me to provide an unmatched level of quality and service to existing members.

I encourage you to reach me as soon as possible if you want to get started now, or want to learn more about my concierge program before making a decision. I want to help you avoid being placed on a waiting list or dealing with unnecessary delays as you strive to recapture your health and wellbeing.
How much does concierge care cost?

Please schedule a complimentary consult to discuss fees and payment options. I want to be sure concierge care is right for you and that I can deliver the results you may be looking for. Let’s discuss all this an any other question during this complimentary consult. 

What about insurance?

Modulla Health does not participate in any insurance benefits plans. Dr Ali Arjomand is considered an out-of-network provider.

Upon request, you will be provided with documentation needed for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Reimbursement from your insurance is paid to you directly and the amount depends on many factors related the type of plan you have as well as your medical history/diagnosis codes.

Be sure to check with your insurance company if your plan includes out-of-network providers. 

Dr. Arjomand is not contracted with Medicare, and therefore if you have Medicare, you will not be able to request reimbursement from Medicare.

Can I pay with my FSA/HSA benefits card?

Yes. Modulla Health accepts HSA/FSA credit card payments. 

How do I get started?

The first step is to schedule a complementary strategy consult with me, Dr Ali Arjomand. This is a required part of the screening process and will ensure that you will benefit from concierge care.  Let’s meet online. Bring your questions and get answers to my program information, fees, and more.

Request a complimentary consult here

Read concierge member testimonials here

Your first step...

Let's meet online to discuss your needs

Discuss your condition, diagnosis, health goals and timelines.

Explore your readiness to implement change.

Learn about my programs and packages.

Receive info on enrollment process and fees.

Hi. I'm

Dr Ali Arjomand

PhD Nutritionist, Founder & Clinic Director, Modulla Health

My mission is simple – to help create the healthiest group of patients using no-nonsense interventions along with continuous, authentic support!

Welcome to Modulla Health – your health and wellness concierge clinic. 

I specialize in integrative nutrition, diet & lifestyle interventions for some of the most common lifestyle diseases. I use modern, science-based approaches coupled with empirical assessment of what is working for you, to positively impact the lives of my clients as they reach optimal health and overall wellbeing.

My Clients

My clients have faced a range of complex health conditions that are not easily remedied with medications. These include gut conditions (life-impacting ulcerative colitis to challenging cases of Crohn’s disease). Some of my clients have undergone multiple intestinal surgeries, while others have struggled with uncontrolled SIBO or IBS that has significantly impacting their quality of life. 

Other clients needed to lose weight to avoid a downward spiral to their health. Many clients reached me after receiving diagnostic testing that put them at high likelihood of becoming diabetic (pre-diabtes),or showed poor response to medications designed to manage their cardiovascular risk. No matter the situation, each client comes with their unique set of challenges and needs tailored diet and nutrition interventions along with continuous support and supervision.   

Concierge Care

What is Concierge Care? And how do my Concierge Care members achieve their health goals? 

My clients make their health a top priority above everything else. Together, we explore and identify personalized remedies and solutions that align with their unique circumstances. I develop customized nutrition and diet plans, introduce lifestyle and habit changes, and help them implement manageable tasks with minimal effort. 

With my ongoing and continuous support, meticulous attention to detail, and a tailored model of care, my members successfully overcome their gut issues, leading to a remarkable transformation in their overall quality of life.

A Different Kind of HealthCare

Unfortunately, the current healthcare model often falls short in providing the time, attention, and specialized expertise required to tackle challenging gut conditions. These health issues are frequently driven by lifestyle factors rather than genetic flaws or irreversible pathologies. Pharmaceutical interventions, at best, provide temporary relief but seldom address the root cause.

Reaching Wellness 

At Modulla Health, my focus is solely on delivering comprehensive and compassionate care to my valued clients. I invite you to join me on a transformative journey toward optimal gut health and renewed well-being. 

I will help you to achieve remarkable results that go beyond managing symptoms – I strive to address the underlying factors contributing to your gut issues. Get in touch with me today to embark on your path to lasting health and vitality.

What Others Are Saying

You don’t have to take my word for it, read the many testimonials and feedback provided by hundreds of individuals who have transformed their health with my support and supervision. 

Three ways to move forward

Concierge Personal Care

**This is my premium high-touch flagship service**

✓ Transform your health with expert support & effective remedies
✓ Limitless 1-on-1 virtual support and intervention
✓ 3, 6 or 12 month programs that transform your health and wellbeing
✓ Tailored nutrition, diet, and lifestyle remedies designed just for you

Learn More

Group Care

**Offered several times each year**

✓ Discover the power of structured group programs
✓ Achieve your health goals with my expert guidance and supervision
✓ Engage with your peers in a small-group community for extra support
✓ 6-week group programs, challenges and bootcamps

Learn More

Self Care

**Effective solution but with no support or supervision**

✓ Self-guided courses and masterclasses
✓ Protocols with step-by-step instructions
✓ Recipes and eBooks

Learn More

What clients are saying… 

I've been to many nutritionists and dietitians with little success improving my health. You are the first person that has put me on the right track. I never want to go back to feeling unhealthy.
N.K. (Washington)
I worked with dietitians recommended by primary doctor. I only got the standard "eat a wholesome diet' recommendation and a flyer. Dr Ali actually spends time to listen and understand my needs. I recommend him to anyone confused and frustrated with diet and IBD.
A.C. (Washington)
Crohn's disease
I've been to many nutritionists and dietitians with little success improving my health. You are the first person that has put me on the right track. I never want to go back to feeling unhealthy.
N.K. (Washington)
I know that if Dr Betty is recommending you, you are amazing and are really focused on patients - she does not give her stamp of approval easily! She wants her patients to live their best lives. Grateful for your support and feel like this may finally be the thing I can use to be healthy over all!
T.A. (Washington)
Ulcerative colitis + C Diff + IBS



Read my peer-reviewed publication presenting my own clinical case history...

Clinical and Histologic Remission in an Adult Crohn’s Disease Patient and Its Impact on Healthcare Costs

"We present the case report of an adult patient with intractable Crohn’s disease non-responsive to medical management who demonstrated endoscopic, radiologic, histologic, and biochemical response to the SCD intervention. We furthermore report the healthcare cost savings over a 42-month SCD intervention period."

Ali Arjomand, PhD, David Suskind, MD

Download PDF