Nutrition Consulting Services

New Client Appointments

As a new client, your first session will be a 1 hour 20 minute appointment to review your case history, current food pattern and lifestyle routine. We will discuss your health goals, your expectations and timelines for achieving success. This will help align my consulting plan with your expectations. I will then present you with a few things to adjust right away. You can ask any question about the plan and request guidance how to implement it for maximum success.

Existing Client Appointments

You will then schedule a sequence of 50 minute follow-up sessions. Each time, you will tell me how you responded to the adjustments from the previous session. I will make any necessary modifications and then describe what to adjust during the following period.

Most clients start with a series of weekly follow-up sessions. Once there is good traction and noticeable progress, clients move to bi-weekly and then monthly follow-up sessions.

I don’t know exactly how long this process might take. This depends on the state of your condition and the exact formula that works for you. There is, however, a limited number of known adjustments to make, so this will be a defined and targeted approach. I will work with you to methodically identify the ones that work just right for you.

Consulting usually ends with goal-attainment, health success and personal empowerment. We can hold sessions at any time in the future if you want to fine-tune your successes or wish to aim for new health goals.

Fee $200 per session

Insurance Modulla Health is not an in-network provider and does not directly participate in any insurance plans. Payment is your responsibility and due after each session. You can submit your Modulla Health statements to your insurance provider for full or partial reimbursement back to you according to your benefits plan.

I commit to providing caring, science-based nutrition consulting that delivers real and measurable improvements to your health.

Ali Arjomand, PhD

New Clients

Start with your goals

I ask that you identify two or three health goals that you want to achieve while working with me. For example, these can be goals to minimize symptoms, find a compatible food range, kick-start a new diet routine. It is really up to you to identify and articulate your specific goals to me. You can adjust your goals or add new ones over time.

Identifying your goals is key to my consulting work. It is the only way that I can align my work with your expectations for success.

Your medical background

I will need to know your case history, specific diagnosis, what you have tried, current food items, and current symptoms. You will use a brief online form to provide this background.

It is also helpful to access your medical records, including your recent lab results. You can request this from your clinic by providing consent and passing along the information listed below:

  • Practice Name: Modulla Health LLC
  • Address: 5400 Carillon Point, Building 5000, 4th Floor, Kirkland, WA 98033
  • Office Phone (425) 576-4023
  • Office Fax (888) 834-0680
  • Provider: Ali Arjomand, PhD
  • Provider NPI: 1487122156
  • Email:

New client enrollment

To start, please create a new client account on my secure HIPAA-compliant client portal.

  • You will receive several documents to review and complete, including your intake paperwork and short questionnaires.
  • Use your client portal to schedule appointments (the times shown are for your time zone).
  • Use your client portal to make secure credit card payments.


  • Insurance: I am not an in-network provider, as such, I will invoice you directly for each session.
  • Initial Intake Session: Your initial session will require 1 hour 20 minutes to allow us to cover your background information, $200/session.
  • Follow-up Sessions: 50 minute follow-up sessions, $200/session.
  • Between Session Access: You can reach me via email with any questions you may have between sessions. This will help you get on the right track and maximize your success. That is my ultimate goal for you!